Biotech makes life better

We find ourselves amidst a global biorevolution, fueled by remarkable advancements in biology, automation, and artificial intelligence. The pace of innovation in biotechnology is now unprecedented, and it couldn’t come at a more crucial time. Our world is confronted with pressing challenges like climate change, the depletion of natural resources, under- and over-nutrition, epidemics, and unmet medical needs. In response to society’s urgent call for solutions, biotech emerges as a beacon of hope. Drawing inspiration from nature’s vast potential, biotechnology offers a wide array of innovations that enhance the well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Through global scientific research, a biorevolution has been unleashed, enabling the realization of smart, sustainable, and healthy solutions that can address these complex challenges head-on. From groundbreaking medicines and vaccines to advanced diagnostics, resilient crops, cultured meats, biobased ingredients, and materials, biotech makes life better.

As the Managing Director of hollandbio, the Dutch biotech association, I have the privilege of representing the thriving Dutch biotech sector during these exciting times. I take great pride in extending a warm welcome to EFIB, the European Forum on Industrial Biotech & The Bioeconomy, on behalf of hollandbio and ChemistryNL, as it comes to Rotterdam this year. In my view, EFIB stands as one of the cornerstone events for a sector that is experiencing exponential growth, both in terms of its numerical strength and its significant contributions to the economy and society at large.

The Netherlands is an ideal host for this leading biotech conference. As a global frontrunner in biotech research, the Netherlands has gained recognition for its exceptional innovation capacity and agility. The Netherlands boasts a remarkable concentration of major players in the fields of chemistry, health, and plant breeding. Moreover, our thriving biotech scene is home to hundreds of ambitious start-ups and scale-ups. When combined with other advantageous factors such as a highly skilled workforce and a favorable investment climate, the Netherlands is perfectly positioned to harness the benefits of the ongoing biorevolution.

At hollandbio, we are far from idle, simply waiting for biotech innovations to work their magic. We understand that successful biotech innovation calls for a proactive approach. It requires a solid foundation of excellent knowledge, driven entrepreneurship, access to sufficient and patient capital, and a hefty dose of risk-taking. On top of that, it’s important to acknowledge that new applications from biotech frontrunners often disrupt the status quo. To ensure these innovations reach their full potential and deliver value to society, they rely on the adaptiveness of the innovation ecosystem.

Hollandbio pursues maximum impact by supporting frontrunners in their mission to make life better with biotech. Through three programs we shape and foster that much needed adaptive innovation ecosystem. We actively tackle hurdles and spare no effort until the red carpet has been rolled out for biotech innovations. Our goal is not only to put these innovations on the map but also to ensure they truly stand out. We go the extra mile to create an environment where biotech breakthroughs receive the attention, recognition, and resources they deserve, ultimately making a tangible difference in society.

EFIB provides an excellent opportunity to stay abreast of the latest advancements at the forefront of biotech innovation, to connect with peers, and to showcase the sector’s contributions. The city of Rotterdam is the perfect stage for the industrial biotech and the bioeconomy. It’s an ambitious, diverse, courageous and entrepreneurial hotspot that is always in motion and is leading change. I can’t wait to welcome you all to Rotterdam in October.  

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