Hosting City & Venue

EFIB 2023 is taking place at De Doelen ICC in

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Cosmopolitan Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in Holland and unlike any other Dutch city. With its impressive skyline, Rotterdam is also called ‘the Manhattan on the Meuse’. Rotterdam’s international port is Europe’s biggest harbor and among the world’s top five biggest harbors. It is an architectural and cultural metropolis with countless attractions, events, and museums. The city has a lively, young urban culture. Rotterdam used to be a laborers’ city, which has lived on in its way of thinking characterized by honesty and hard work.

EFIB 2023 will bring you to the beating heart of Rotterdam at De Doelen ICC, a unique meeting place with a breathtaking view of the city center.  This venue takes measures to reduce its environmental impact by using renewable energy, minimizing waste, promoting sustainable transport, and integrating sustainability with partners.


The EFIB 2023 venue, De Doelen ICC, reduces environmental impact and takes social responsibility with energy-saving facilities and waste separation.

Green Key

The EFIB 2023 venue, De Doelen ICC has a Golden GREEN KEY certificate, highest possible category awarded by GREEN KEY, showing its eco-dedication beyond legal requirements.

Rotterdam Climate Initiative

De Doelen ICC signed environmental agreements with Rotterdam Climate Initiative to reduce impact and promote sustainability. 

7 Square Endavour

De Doelen is part of the 7 Square Endeavour project, which aims to prepare cities for the future and manage energy smartly.