SwiftPharma Summit

Changing the global paradigm for biomanufacturing in plants

EFIB is proud to co-host a half day Summit the afternoon prior to the full conference.

Changing the global paradigm for biomanufacturing in plants is hosted with Platinum Sponsor SwiftPharma and is open to EFIB delegates, EuropaBio Members and invited guests.

It is free of charge.

The Summit is dedicated to breakthroughs in plant biomanufacturing technology and business models, supporting global resilience, economics and supply.

October, 23

13:30 – 17:00


  • Registration opens 13:00
  • Welcome and introduction 13:30

    Claire Skentelbery, Director General, EuropaBio

  • Circular biomanufacturing using plants as mini-bioreactors: changing the paradigm 13:35

    Jeroen Hofenk, Founder and CSO, SwiftPharma

  • From vertical farming to exponential pharming: tech-bridged health empowering accessibility 13:50

    Thomas Ambrosi, Founder and CEO, ONO Exponential Farming

  • Meeting the challenges of modern plant breeding 14:05

    Jan Reineke, R&D Engineer, SMARTtray

  • Group discussion 14:20
  • Advanced biomanufacturing for national economic development 14:30

    Wieteke Wouters, Programme Director, HollandBIO

  • Bringing global investment power into plant biomanufacturing 14:45

    Philippe Van den Broecke, Founder, Agio

  • Coffee Break 15:00
  • Regulatory and policy drivers for success 15:30
  • Unlocking the power of plants for unique therapeutics 15:45

    Bertrand Magy, Co-founder and CEO, ATB Therapeutics

  • Rapid response biomanufacturing: National agility for global preparedness 16:00

    Don Stewart, Founder and CEO, PlantForm

  • Applied Plant-based Biomanufacturing for Global Health Impact: Griffithsin Fast Dissolving Inserts for HIV Prevention 16:15

    Kyle Kleinbeck, Pharmaceutical Development Scientist, Population Council

  • Discussion session: Where next for plant biomanufacturing 16:30
  • Closing 17:30

How can I take part?

How can I take part? If you are an EFIB delegate or EuropaBio member, you will be invited to the Summit. For all other enquiries, please contact: registration@efibforum.com

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